KANTENHART® - premium leather edge finisher

A LeatherCraft Germany product. For professionals and hobbyists alike.

Perfect edges. Everytime.

Since we’re a German based company, we wanted it to have a hard harsh name, yet one that is pronouncable by anyone not speaking German. Hence KantenHART® translates to “hard edge” –  and imagine Rammstein pronouncing it.


We’re the team behind LeatherCraft Germany – simply some leatherworkers like you and you and you and me, with the claim of making leather work easier and more effective.  Specialised in small high quality leather goods, we mainly produce wallets, credit card holders, cellphone cases, knife sheaths etc.  Doing so, we utilize only traditional methods and craftsmanship – and source our leather solely from local tanneries. All in the spirit of sustainability and in contrary to mainstream consumerism.

the history

We are leatherworkers ourselves – and as every one of us, we’ve been trying out a lot of burnishing agents, from beeswax to tokonole. Yet, nothing was satisfactory to a 100 percent. Even the most commonly used product wasn’t suitable for all the tasks we were commencing. Especially, when it comes to non-veg-tan leathers, the performance of these burnishing agents and leather edge finisher underperformed. Sure, with a lot of work and a few tricks, you can burnish every edge to some extent, but we wanted more: A burnishing agent, that even the absolute newbie can use and achieve instant excellent results. An agent, that pro’s will love for it’s flexibility and time saving capabilities . Easy to use, eco-friendly, non-toxic, natural based. 


In March 2021 we finally finished developing our own premium leather edge finishing agent formula after many attempts of trial and error – KantenHART® was born.  After many attempts to get the best product mixed up, we finally had the formula which solves nearly every issue we ever faced when it came to finishing off a product perfectly and in a timely manner. Easy & efficient.  

We’re proud, it’s not only a great product for burninshing leather edges but also eco friendly, water based and non-toxic. Today, we will show you, what you can expect from the last edge finisher, you’ll ever need.

KANTENHART® - your advantages

  • eco friendly, water based solution
  • non-toxic, natural formula
  • quick drying and easy application
  • use on any kind of leather – veg tan, chrome tan, oil tan, pull-up leather, even suede and nappa leather
  • needs very little to get perfectly shiny and glossy edges
  • creates the smoothest surface you’ve ever experienced
  • glossy, smooth surfaces in an instant
  • no residue, if you get something on your grain side, just wipe it off after it has dried
  • edges can be painted after application
  • seals your edges perfectly
  • evens out tiny dents
  • water repellant to a certain degree
  • decent smell, no toxic outgassing
  • scratch proof – even if you hit some rough material with the edge, it won’t lose its protective layer and stays smooth
  • no sticky fingers ^^ 
leather edge burnishing agent

Leather Edge Finishing - KANTENHART® burnishing agent


The jar

For the enthusiast. 250ml ( 8,45 fl oz )

Leather burnishing agent

The keg

For the pro. 1000ml ( 33,814 fl oz )

leather edge burnishing agent

The pot

For casual hobbyists. 120ml ( 4.05 fl oz )

Eco friendly & non-toxic formula

The Best Leather Edge Finisher around

In comparison to other burnishing agents which can mostly only be used on vegetable tanned leather, KantenHART® can be applied to any type of leather – with astonishing results. Smooth and glossy edges. Everytime.

Use on any type of leather

Pull-Up Leather

Chrome Tan Leather

Printed Leather

Veg Tan Leather

Suede & Nappa

Use it to polish and burnish your edges & to slick down the fleshy side

Polish edges like a pro – in no time. Effortless & always great looking leather edges.

wooden slicker

Slick down the flesh side of your leather for a sealed and nice to the touch result.

Smooth Edges

on any type of leather

Shiny glossy edges right away. Even a newcomer to leatherwork can get glossy edges in an instant.

Easy to work with

no residue, no stains

Does not change the color of your leather, nor does it leave stains behind. Excess agent can be easily wiped off.

Economical in use

just a little is quite enough

Just a few little drops are way enough. Spreads easily and far and thus saves money on the long run.

We're ready to roll in...



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Burnishing agent

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